About us

We at Boostache like getting our inspiration by travelling, from trips to places that are far off to cities that just have this different kind of atmosphere. Which is why we not only admire calm and destressing places but also urban city life. It’s all about exploring unknown parts of our and other cities all across the globe. It’s about pushing ourselfs to new limits, just to feel the adrenaline rushing through our vains again and again. That might be racing our whips through dark city nights. That might be hiding from authorities because another wall -that is of course most visible and especially most likely to be seen by the hostiled sprayergang - just had a decent throw up onto it. That might also just be the search for the new spot to hang around, to skate or simply to have a deep talk.

Back in Canada, where this journey started at, we were interested in nothing but cars, doing sports, and hanging around with friends. Nowadays we are still kind of holding onto those easy times in our lifes, like many of us probably do and we always keep in mind that the main part of all that was and always will be our FRIENDS. The people we can rely on. The ones we share our lifes with.

As we are constantly writing, thinking, drawing and designing to creat not only clothing but good vibes in general, we hopefully can pass on our passion to take action and define the life we would like to construct for ourselfs. To that we can forget about fake friends and move on to what makes us truly happy. Don’t you think that sounds appealing?

If you feel the vibe, and do understand whatever the heck we are talking about: It’s time to connect and become an #URBANPIONEER as we like to call ourselfs. So keep on creating and dooing what you like as long as you wish to and also hit that likebutton, leave a comment and subscribe to not miss out on storyupdates and clothinglaunches.