Boostache Thrasher Hoodie Boostache Thrasher Hoodie

Boostache Thrasher Hoodie
Boostache skate hoodie

45,00 €

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We are very happy to finally be able to present you our new hoodies.

We wanted a fairly thick hoodie which is why we chose to get a 320 gram black hoodie. The print is extra durable as we checked upfront. Hoodies printed by our guy which were worn for more than two years still look like new to this day! 

Even thought it'll stay like fresh out the box for a very long time, please wash the hoodie inside out and don't iron the printed areas.

What we can say about the fit of this piece: It is soft on the inside and outside and still is after washing it. True to size is the motto but to those who like to wear it bigger: Take the bigger size. While wearing the hood you barely even feel any seams on your head because there is actually two of them about 10 cm apart from each other.

Manufacturer Build your Brand
Category / Type Hoodie
Code 00021
Stock available
Weight 1.00 Kg

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