Ladies Crewneck Tagged Ladies Crewneck Tagged

Ladies Crewneck Tagged
Boostache Oversize

40,00 €

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This crewneck for ladies, is really comfy to wear, fits true to size and keeps you warm during winterseason. It's made from 100% Cotton and therefor really comfy and soft from the inside and outside. The design is inspired by streetart or more specific by graffiti. We figuered this kind of art is a way of selfexpression, which can be transfered into our brand. We provide clothing for people like you maybe, that try to create a special type of outfit. That try to stick out of this wishy-washy always same world by not worriing about other peoples opinions. By wearing streetwear that we ourselfs and pobably our colsest friends find interesting.

Have fun with our all new crewneck for ladies and let us know about your unique way of style via Instagram, or Facebook. Or just leave us a message on WhatsApp. We're happy about every piece of conversation on our clothing we can get.

Cheers, Boostache

Manufacturer Build your Brand
Category / Type Crewneck
Code 0040
Weight 1.00 Kg