Tagged Zip Hoodie Black Tagged Zip Hoodie Black

Tagged Zip Hoodie Black
Tagged Boostache

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Attention: Fits small. We suggest you to order one size up!

We're again super happy to be able to deliver outstanding quality with our brand new collection. This design was inspired by streetart wich often can expresse a unique point of view on freedom if you will. Therefore we created this design based on the Expression of freedom in the way an individual sees it. Streetart such as graffiti has long been an overlooked 'art' but managed to gain bigger attraction and accaptance as it evolved into different areas such as illegal street bombing (which we like to call an urban Sport btw) payed artwork on industial or business ish buildings or an again unique way to express yourself.

As you know our point of view on graffiti or streetart in general we'd like to present to you our Tagged Boostache Zip Hoodie in grey and black.

It's made from a fairly heavy cloth of 100% cotton.

The manufacturer is as always Build your Brand, because of their quality.

Manufacturer Build your Brand
Category / Type Zip Hoodie
Code 0032
Weight 2.00 Kg